How do the classes work?

We’ve designed our courses so they all work well together as a complete animation curriculum or as individual master classes. All of our instructors have worked and still work closely together to bring something very unique to the animation community. Unlike other schools, each of our courses is owned by an individual instructor. We are more of an animation family and we are very proud of what we’ve achieved :)

Students watch a lecture video at the beginning of each week and are given an assignment at the end of each video. They have the week to do their assignment at the end of which they meet with their instructor in a live online meeting room for the review of their work. The reviews can last for up to 3 hours depending on the number of students in the class. Our classes have no more than 12 students. Similar to a brick and mortar school, students are free to ask questions during the review. We believe that interaction while your work is being reviewed is key to learning animation. Our instructors are also available during the week through their group forum/page, so students can have their questions answered while they are tackling their assignments. Your questions will always be answered in less than 24 hours. In addition to your class instructor, there will often be other instructors visiting your group page to answer your questions. We pride ourselves for always being available to our students.

When are the Live Online Reviews held?

The time and day of the Live Online Reviews will be discussed between your instructor and yourself during the first few days of your class. Since our instructors are currently working in the industry, we kindly ask that our students work with their instructor’s schedule. Usually our Live Reviews are held on either Saturday or Sunday mornings, Los Angeles time.

Can you skip classes or take classes in any order you want to?

We are structured in a way that allows students to take classes in any order they wish to. If you decide to skip straight to advance courses then you are free to do so. But we do advise that you have the appropriate prerequisite before joining a class. Our instructors will also be helping students pick an appropriate class if students need the help and advice. If you are unsure which class to start with and you already have some training in animation, then you can send us your work and we will guide you in the right direction. If you have no animation experience, then our “Animation Bootcamp” is the perfect place to start. Brian Menz has built a beginning course that will walk you through the basic animation principles preparing you for the intermediate courses. If you simply want advanced training in a specific aspect of animation, then you are more than welcome to pick one or more from our advanced courses.

Do we offer our own character rigs?

Yes, our first character “Ray”, which was designed and built by current industry professionals hence matching industry standards; will be released on later this year.

Who reviews your work?

Our instructors are handpicked to teach a specific course depending on their specific strength in the industry. What most don’t realize, we are not all great at everything. Given all of our instructors are industry professionals working on high profile projects, we make sure to pick the right instructor for the right course. Some instructors are great at acting while others are masters at body mechanics. We make sure to choose the best instructor to teach you what they are best at. We are very particular with picking our instructors in order to maintain the integrity of our school. Your trust is very important to us.

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