Advanced Animation: A Character Close-up (online course)

What makes a character's face alive?

A face feels alive when all the details we see every day in each other's faces are combined with a natural and sincere performance.

This course will focus on showing you all the details and relationships in all the parts of our faces and how to properly execute them in your work. We'll discuss what is behind a natural facial performance, what to look for in good acting choices, and how to come up with your own. Most importantly, we'll be doing this in the most heavily scrutinized and detailed way since your performance and polish will have nowhere to hide in a close up of the face!

We'll start by finding a good line to animate from, work on who our character is and what the context is around this moment. Once we know who our character is we can begin to think how they would react in a truthful way and why they would say this line in this situation. From there we'll plan out our performance, find the best acting choices to communicate our character to our audience by focusing on the face. Once we've fully thought out our character's acting we'll begin to animate it!

This class will teach you how to better study live action reference, demonstrate multiple workflows, and will offer several techniques to improve your polish skills. Over the course of 12 weeks there will be several demos and lectures focusing on different parts of the face (eyes, lip sync, ears etc) as well as an extended lecture over the entire course which will fully demonstrate two shots from starting from scratch...all the way to final polish. Any time you get a close up in a film, it's an important character moment and a chance for the audience to connect with the character in a very intimate way. This class will teach you the skills to create that connection.

Course Information

Duration: 3 months (12 weeks)
Start Date: March 1st, 2014
Instructor: Mike Safianoff
Prerequisites: Intermediate Anim. Skills
Price: $1797 USD (or $599 monthly)

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