Animation contest: Ray pose

Animation posing contest: Ray pose

Simple tasks and excellent prizes! Even beginners can participate!

Animation contest tasks consist of as little as one character pose. Creation of an animation pose is animating too. Poses in particular make the basis of animation. If you can create one pose, you will certainly be able to do more!

Animation contest assignment:

  • Make an attractive and expressive pose of CGTarian character Ray.
  • Render this pose in any environment or on white background.
  • Post rendered pictures on your Facebook and/or Instagram and/or VK accounts using hashtag: #cgtariancontest1712anim, along with the link to this contest page:

Also feel free to post work in progress images - sketches, screenshots, ideas, etc. using the same hashtag: #cgtariancontest1712anim
We will repost them and we all will be able to comment on them.

Number of entries from one participant is not limited. Post as many images as you want. More entries - more chances to win.

You can download Ray character on CGTarian website.

Remember to make character poses appealing, expressive, exaggerated, cartoony, funny, comic, emotional, etc.


1st place:

  • Excellent Wacom Intuos Art tablet (small);
  • $100 USD coupon for any of CGTarian school classes;
  • CGTarian T-shirt.

2nd place:

  • $100 USD coupon for any of CGTarian school classes;
  • CGTarian T-shirt.

3rd place:

  • $50 USD coupon for any CGTarian school classes;
  • CGTarian T-shirt.


Animation contest prizes


Contest starts on December 1, 2017.
You can post your contest works until February 15, 2018.
Winners will be decided by CGTarian instructors' team and announced on February 17, 2018.

Use your imagination, create and make your dreams come true!

Good luck!

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