Animation Bootcamp - An Intro to Animation (online course)

Animation Bootcamp

Most of us want to work on animated films that will be cherished by future generations. But how do we achieve this goal?

Well, this is where it all begins. This course will lay the foundations you’ll need to get started on achieving this dream.

The fundamentals of animation have evolved throughout the years and CGTarian Instructors have brought all their experience together to take you step by step through each of these animation principles and help you understand the good practices of animation.

During the next twelve weeks, you will learn the 12 basic principles of animation and how we apply them to simple as well as more complex animation.

You are in for a treat because this course will be taught by 7 of the best animators working in the field today. They have prepared lectures that thoroughly describe the core of what makes animation so beautiful and have thus brought their unique individuality to each of their classes.

Our hope with this Animation Bootcamp is to prepare you for what‘s to come if you decide to pursue a career in animation. By the end of these 12 weeks, you will be ready to tackle more advanced courses as you make your way towards becoming a successful animator.

Join us and allow us the honor of introducing you to the art of motion.

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Course Information

Duration: 3 months (12 weeks)
Start Date: March 1st
Start Date: June 1st
Start Date: September 1st
Start Date: December 1st
Instructors: Mike Safianoff, Jalil Sadool, David Stodolny, Rebecca Perez, Joe Bowers, Juan Pablo Sans
Reviewing instructor: Vadim Besedin
Prerequisites: None
Price: $1347 USD (or $449 monthly)
Promo Price: $750 USD (or $250 monthly)
Independent Study Price: $375 USD (or $125 monthly)

Standard course:
• 12 weekly video lectures
• 20+ hours of content
• Weekly Live review sessions with instructor
• 3 months additional access to videos
Price: $750 USD (or $250 monthly)

Independent Study:
• 12 weekly video lectures
• 20+ hours of content
• 3 months additional access to videos
Price: $375 USD (or $125 monthly)

Registration ends on September 2nd, 2018.

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Students Testimonials

Instructors and reviewers are all excellent. A wonderful, fun experience.

Rachel Kearney (United States)
course «Animation Bootcamp»

They here all awesome!
Great communicators, teachers and people.

Iuri Monteiro (Carnaxide, Portugal)
course «Animation Bootcamp»

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