Marvelous Designer 3D Clothing Production

During this course will be learning how to create a 3d leather jacket from a 2d sewing pattern, we will have to get into the thought process of a clothing designer and try to not think as a 3d modeler when working with Marvelous Designer, we need to understand what makes a piece of clothing fit, and understand the anatomy of a jacket, pants, or what ever type of clothing you are trying to design.

Thinking as a Fashion Designer we will understand how to create 2d patterns and bring them to life and make them fit our character and look as realistic as possible. Making clothing fit the body of the character has it’s own techniques that we need to grasp.

During this course we will look at some reference materials of actual sewing patterns that fashion designers use when creating the clothing, and how to use them to start your basic shapes for your 3d clothing project.

We will look at how we need to start with a blocking stage of creating simple 2d clothing patterns also knows and seeing patterns and then tweaking and adjusting those patterns by cutting, adding, stitching and adjusting curves to make our clothing look great on our model.

We will explore the material properties and how a couple of simple tweaks to the materials Weft and Warp can make a huge difference on how the piece of 3d clothing looks on your 3d character.

As clothing designers we have to think of Marvelous Designer not just as a cloth simulation software it’s actually a 3d modelling software. I will even show you how to use Marvelous Designer to create objects other than clothing.

During the course we will learn about the differences between Triangulated and Quadrangulated 3d clothing model. We will go over between those differences in ZBrush and we will also be looking at the main differences between a high density piece of 3d Clothing a low density piece of clothing and where we can use those in our 3d clothing projects.

We will show how you can take the 2d patterns that we created in Marvelous Designer and export them as 3d clothing models into ZBrush and start adding those final but crucial touches to making our 3d models as realistic as possible.

At the end of this course you will get a grip on how to control Marvelous Designer to create some amazing and realistic 3d clothing models by thinking as a clothing designer and hopefully make you fall in love with Marvelous Designer that will def become an important 3d tool in your arsenal.

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