Intermediate Animation: Characters in Motion (online course)

How do you create amazing animation?

You start with believable motion!

Every animation begins with a fundamental understanding of weight, balance, and timing which needs to be mastered before you can layer on a performance.

This course will teach you the essentials of movement as they relate to a character. It will be the foundation for every character you ever animate. From a ball bounce to a full on acting shot, every animation needs believable movement in order for it to be successful. Once you master these skills you’ll be able to dazzle your audience into believing your character in any situation.

During this 12 week course you will work on a variety of assignments that will build your understanding of the inner workings of believable movement. You will fine tune and develop your skills of strong posing, overlapping actions, transfer of weight, balance, timing, arcs, and appeal (just to name a few). These skills will give you the confidence to animate any scene.

Strong posing

A strong pose is the foundation of every great animation and it can help your audience understand what’s going on without a single word. You will learn the techniques and tricks to creating a strong pose by adding a clean silhouette and line of action.

Overlapping actions

Overlapping and Secondary actions are tools we use every day in the studio to add fluidity and texture to our animation. These actions typically follow the movement of your primary action.

Transfer of weight

The most believable part of any animation is making sure your character's weight is properly distributed from one part of his/her body to the other. When a character moves forward in a scene or makes any movement, his/her center of gravity and weight also shifts. If it’s not done
properly you can quickly lose your audience.


Along the same lines as “transfer of weight”, your character always has to remain balanced. When you lift your leg up in the air you have to account for the weight you just had leaning on it. We will go over where your character's center of gravity is and how to track and maintain it within each frame of your animation.


Timing, both physical and emotional, often determine the meaning of an animation. As an animator you have to give the proper amount of time to anticipate, execute and complete an action.In relation to mass, if a character is lifting a heavy object it would take him/her more time; if the object is lighter, it would take less time. You will learn when and how to apply this principle.

Power centers

Every character has a force from which s/he expresses his/her emotion. The power center from every character originates from his/her internal emotion. You can determine whether a character is excited or melancholic all by properly applying his/her power center.


This is one of those elusive principles that is hard to explain. However, you look at any great animation and it is undoubtedly there. We’ll talk about the theories, go over tips and show examples of appealing shots, character, and poses.

Main animation subjects of this online course

  • Animation Principles
  • Intro to Body Mechanics
  • Fundamentals of Body mechanics
  • Body Locomotion Animation
  • Motion in Animation

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Course Information

Duration: 3 months (12 weeks)
Start Date: March 1st
Start Date: June 1st
Start Date: September 1st
Start Date: December 1st
Instructor: Rebecca Perez
Reviewing instructor: Rebecca Perez
Prerequisites: Basic Animation Skills
Price: $1497 USD (or $499 monthly)
Promo Price: $1347 USD (or $449 monthly)
Independent Study Price: $597 USD (or $199 monthly)

Standard course:
• 12 weekly video lectures
• 20+ hours of content
• Weekly Live review sessions with instructor
• 3 months additional access to videos
Price: $1347 USD (or $449 monthly)

Independent Study:
• 12 weekly video lectures
• 20+ hours of content
• 3 months additional access to videos
Price: $597 USD (or $199 monthly)

Registration ends on September 2nd, 2018.

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Students Testimonials

Great instructor!!!
Was really helpful and i learned a lot.

Azamat Aituganov (Aktobe, Kazakhstan)
course «Characters in Motion»

Rebecca Perez was very honest in breaking down animation and giving honest feedback and answering any question that came up.

Adam Ampa Besigye (San Francisco, United States)
course «Characters in Motion»

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