Advanced Animation: Acting in Animation (online course)

What makes a character unique?

As animators, our goal is always the same: to bring characters to life, to make them move, feel, breathe, and most importantly, think.

It is our objective to connect with the audience emotionally, whether it is through laughter or tears. But how do you make a character unique while adding that extra layer of believability? How do you make a character not only think, but also be so unique in personality, that it is different from all others? How do you make the character stand out from all the rest, and make s/he, simply, one of a kind?

In this class, we will do just that; learn how to animate with true purpose, while honing in on specific personalities and believable performances. We will go over different techniques and tools to create unique characters. We will also be studying particular aspects of acting, movement, and rhythm to create very specific character traits. Throughout this course, we will be adding to your knowledge on how to become a diverse animator.

We will go over actors and how they prepare for their rolls. We will study what changes between those rolls, and the adjustments and thinking processes behind them. We will analyze techniques that are used in the industry every day as well as go over fundamental and advanced acting techniques to bring your performance to a new level. This course is built with the purpose of enriching our library and skills and to become diverse animators; in style, performance, and appeal.

Course Information

Duration: 3 months (12 weeks)
Start Date: March 1st
Start Date: June 1st
Start Date: September 1st
Start Date: December 1st
Instructor: Juan Pablo Sans
Reviewing instructor: Juan Pablo Sans
Prerequisites: Intermediate Anim. Skills
Price: $1497 USD (or $499 monthly)
Promo Price: $1347 USD (or $449 monthly)

Registration ends on May 31st, 2017.

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