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Characters in Motion

How do you create amazing animation? You start with believable motion!


Characters in Motion

Every animation begins with a fundamental understanding of weight, balance, and timing which needs to be mastered before you can layer on a performance.

This course will teach you the essentials of movement as they relate to a character. It will be the foundation for every character you ever animate. From a ball bounce to a full on acting shot, every animation needs believable movement in order for it to be successful. Once you master these skills you’ll be able to dazzle your audience into believing your character in any situation.

During this 12 week course you will work on a variety of assignments that will build your understanding of the inner workings of believable movement. You will fine tune and develop your skills of strong posing, overlapping actions, transfer of weight, balance, timing, arcs, and appeal (just to name a few). These skills will give you the confidence to animate any scene.

Main animation subjects of this online course:

  • Animation Principles
  • Intro to Body Mechanics
  • Fundamentals of Body mechanics
  • Body Locomotion Animation
  • Motion in Animation

Course data

  Course duration: 3 months

  The course starts every 3 months:
June 1, September 1, December 1, March 1

  Price for Independent Studies:
3 monthly payments for the course $199 USD each
or 1 full course payment $597 USD

  Prerequisites: Basic Animation Skills

  Recommended software: Autodesk Maya

 Additional animation tutorials:
CGTarian Masters Animation Workshops

Course instructor and animation mentor Rebecca Perez
Course mentor:
Rebecca Perez
Reviewing instructor:
Amanda Renfroe

Course starts in:


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Lecture previews

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General recommendations

Lecture preview

Adjusting your time range, strong pose, amount of locators, character poses.

Lifting weights

Lecture preview

Detailed review of character motions and body positions on the example of Hercules (Disney character).


Lecture preview

Finalizing all the steps which have been made before and making sure everything is moving in proper speed, motion isn't hyperextending, but accurate and smooth.

All that you need!

Content developed by professionals, challenging assignments and mentor's assistance is your way to success!


3 months of intense studies! Comprehensive animation course!


12 online meetings with your mentor and video reviews of your work!


More than 20 hours of video lectures and tutorials!


More than 50+ recordings of QnA sessions and video reviews available!

Reviews and QnA's

AAttending QnA sessions and having your assignments reviewed by a mentor significantly increases your progress!

Tips and Tricks

Video review example

Timing and reference tips. Importance of having a good reference to start with.

Corrections on the assignment

Video review example

Body mechanics. Must pay attention to every detail in animation which makes it real and complete.

Improvement advices

Video review example

Video review - character pose corrections. Squash and stretch hints.

Balance in movement

Video review example

Observing video references leads to a good detailed animation. Tiny corrections of the ankle and elbow rotations.

Students’ feedback

The best course and personal progress evaluation is students’ feedback.

Svetlana Petrova
I've enjoyed the courses. I think it been useful for me,Our online meetings always motivated me to animate more and more . Thank you Amanda to sharing your knowledge whith us!:)
— Svetlana Petrova
Ibragim Botashev
Great course for beginners! Rebecca is great instructor, who describes the foundation of animation. I highly recommend it!
— Ibragim Botashev
Dixon Wong
— Dixon Wong

Full list of student feedback you will find on "CGTarian Students' Reviews & Testimonials" page.

Full list of student reviews you will find on this page "Student Reviews".


100% risk-free, 14-day money back guarantee.

Independent studies
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3 monthly payments for the course
209 USD
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Possibility to switch to one payment schedule.

Independent studies
Single payment

One full course payment
597 USD
In case of a full payment the price is reduced by 30 USD

Attention! This course is provided at a reduced price meaning independent studies without mentor's assistance, no online meetings or video reviews of your assignments. However, recordings of QnA’s and video reviews of previous groups will be available for your reference.

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