Ray - Free Maya Character Rig

Collaborative creation of CGTarian team and DreamWorks Animation Studios specialists.

Download Ray Character Rig

Free 3D character rig to create animation in MAYA

Quality and functionality of this character rig almost equal to the level of the characters used in world's biggest studios like DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar & others.

You can get and use CGTarian’s character Ray by completing the form and agreeing to the conditions below:

  • CGTarian’s character Ray may be used for personal and educational purposes only.
  • You may also use Ray in other schools and on other courses.
  • You may demonstrate your work that includes Ray in your online/offline portfolio, on festivals, seminars, webinars and other cultural events.
  • Any video containing CGTarian’s character Ray needs to clearly include the text or title; "Ray character rig by CGTarian Online School".
  • Any Commercial use of CGtarian's character Ray is prohibited.
  • The use of CGTarian’s Character Ray in any animation of racial, nationalistic, sexual, violent, offensive, derogatory or any other negative nature is prohibited!
  • You agree to receive emails from CGTarian Online School including updates of Ray, discount codes, advertising and news.

This is a beta version of CGTarian’s character "Ray". We will gladly accept any reports regarding its malfunction, but CGTarian Online School will not provide any personal support.

To report any malfunction of the character please use the form below.

Reported bugs and faults may be fixed in the following versions of the character. We will send all updates regarding improvements and fixes done to "Ray" through our mailing list. We will also provide a link to a new version of the character.

If the archive fail to unpack, please use the 7zip utility.

Ray character rig created by:
Project Managers: Vadim Besedin (MOCAP.LT) and Jalil Sadool (DreamWorks)
Concept Art: Ludovic bouancheau (DreamWorks)
Character Modeling: Shannon Thomas (DreamWorks)
Character Rigging: Victor Vinyals (DreamWorks)
Animation Tests &Tweaks: Mike Safianoff, Joe Bowers, David Stodolny (DreamWorks)

Download Ray

Ray Rig Video Tutorials

Below you will find video tutorials that will help you to get to know Ray and it's functionality.

Ray Rig Introduction

Get to know Ray

In this video Dreamworks' animator and CGTarian online school mentor Mike Saffianoff introduces a rig of Ray character and shows its functionality.

Naturalistic blink

Character Close-Up: Crafting a Believable Face course.

This video fragment of Mike Safianoff's (Dreamworks) lecture tells us how to create natural blinking animation.

Expressive Eyes

Character Close-Up: Crafting a Believable Face course.

Another piece of Mike Safianoff's (Dreamworks) lecture, where he tells how to create expressive eye animation.

Eye movements

Character Close-Up: Crafting a Believable Face course.

In this video Mike Safianoff's (Dreamworks) shows us important points in eye movement animation.

Ray is not working?

Feed him, chat to him, let him rest and if Ray still refuses to work - please report to us.

We accept Ray's malfunctioning reports, but do not provide personal assistance.
Reported malfunctioning may be fixed at different times.

Report Rays' malfunctioning

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