Modeling and Sculpting Courses

Learn how to model and sculpt, and bring your unique characters into this world.

Modeling and Sculpting Online Courses

Modeling characters and creatures was never as easy as it is now.

Онлайн курс 3D Моделирование в MAYA Modeling and Sculpting Online Course

Character Modeling for Production

Gain a thorough understanding of a Modeler's responsibilities in the Production Pipeline by creating an appealing Production Ready Character Model.  

Онлайн курс Моделирование сложных объектов и визуализация 3D Clothing Production Online Course

Marvelous Designer 3D Clothing Production

During this course will be learning how to create a 3d leather jacket from a 2d sewing pattern, we will have to get into the thought process of a clothing designer and try to not think as a 3d modeler when working with Marvelous Designer, we need to understand what makes a piece of clothing fit, and understand the anatomy of a jacket, pants, or what ever type of clothing you are trying to design.  

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