Animation & VFX Online Courses

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Basic Animation Online Courses

The best way to start - easy, effective and to the point! Join us and we'll be happy to guide you through the wonderful world of animation.

Animation Bootcamp Online Course Basic Animation Online Course

Animation Bootcamp: An Intro to Animation

Most of us want to work on animated films that will be cherished by future generations. But how do we achieve this goal?

Well, this is where it all begins. This course will lay the foundations you’ll need to get started on achieving this dream.  

Intermediate Animation Online Courses

Bring your characters to live, make them move in a beautiful and believable way. Show their emotions.

Characters in Motion Online Course Intermediate Animation Online Course

Characters in Motion

Every animation begins with a fundamental understanding of weight, balance, and timing which needs to be mastered before you can layer on a performance.

This course will teach you the essentials of movement as they relate to a character. It will be the foundation for every character you ever animate.  

Physics of Animation Online Course Intermediate Animation Course Online

Physics of Animation

Everything around us is affected by the laws of physics and everything that we animate, no matter the style, is also governed by these same rules set forth by nature.

During this course we will study and discuss the effects of internal and external forces and describe the application of energy transfer in animation.  

Intro to Performance Online Course Intermediate Animation Online Course

Intro to Performance

It can feel overwhelming when it comes to animating the human form and communicating anything specific about your character.

Performance refers to effectively communicating an idea to the audience about what a character is thinking or doing. And no matter how complex, anything is achievable if we understand a few basic concepts.  

Advanced Character Animation Online Courses

Expand your creative horizons. Learn how to make amazing facial animation, show thinking process of a characters, make audience believe. Go way beyond feature style and explore exaggerated and wacky cartoony animation. Then go even further by polishing your shots.

Acting in Animation Online Course Advanced Animation Online Course

Acting in Animation

As animators, our goal is always the same: to bring characters to life, to make them move, feel, breathe, and most importantly, think.

In this class, we will do just that; learn how to animate with true purpose, while honing in on specific personalities and believable performances. We will go over different techniques and tools to create unique characters.  

Crafting a Believable Face Online Course Advanced Animation Online Course

Crafting a Believable Face

This is a deep dive into acting under the most demanding circumstances: a close up of a character's face.

Over 22 hours of lectures are devoted to improving your understanding of believable acting, creating graphically appealing facial expressions based on anatomy, and polishing all the details that make a face feel truly alive.  

Cartoony Animation: Pushing the Limits Online Course Advanced Animation Online Course

Cartoony Animation: Pushing the Limits

Cartoony animation comes naturally to some people but is very difficult for others. It spawns from pure imagination. Some people just have it. But how do you learn it?

In this course we will focus on getting away from reality and start coming up with cartoon style ideas that sell your character's motivations in the most entertaining ways. You will learn how to use comedic and classic tricks that are usually reserved for 2d animation but can be brought into CG.  

Polishing and Pro Level Animation Techniques Online Course Advanced Animation Online Course

Polishing and Pro Level Animation Techniques

You've worked hard and learned the principles of Animation. You've honed your technique, built up your skillset and now feel ready to pursue your dream career in Animation. So, what next?

This class will teach you the tools, techniques and concepts professional animators use to polish their own shots. You will learn how to dramatically boost the quality of your work and create and edit a professional Demo Reel that will showcase your skills and dazzle industry recruiters.  

Modeling and Sculpting Online Courses

Modeling characters and creatures was never as easy as it is now. Learn how to model and sculpt, and bring your unique characters into this world.

Character Modeling and Sculpting Online Course Character Modeling and Sculpting Online Course

Character Modeling for Production

This course will give you a real world example of a production character model that was done for this school. You will learn how to begin your character from the provided reference all the way through revisions and draw overs to final approval and handoff.

You will learn the techniques, tips and tricks to improve and speed up your workflow. We will also go over presentation practices, final topology, UVing techniques and more.  

Marvelous Designer 3D Clothing Production Online Course 3D Clothing Production Online Course

Marvelous Designer 3D Clothing Production

During this course we will create a 3D leather jacket from a 2D sewing pattern. You will learn what makes a piece of clothing fit, and you will understand the anatomy of a jacket, pants, or what ever type of clothing you are trying to create.

You will also learn how to use sewing patterns that fashion designers use and how to start your basic shapes for your 3D clothing project.  

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