Video review of your works

CG industry professionals are ready to answer your questions and help to make your work better.

Video review of your works

Answers, solutions and recommendations from CG professionals.

Video review is an integral part of CGTarian school educational system. Our students have long ago understood the importance and benefits of video reviews, which note their strengths and weaknesses, they get instructor's recommendations and advice on how to improve their work and achieve the best results.

Until recently video reviews were available only for school students. However, now CGTarian provides this opportunity to anyone.

To get a video review of your work you need to complete three simple steps:

  1. Upload your work (video or image file) onto one of file hosting services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  2. Make a payment of $50 USD to one of the following payment systems: PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney.
    • PayPal:
    • Skrill:
    • WebMoney: E106658566253
  3. Fill in the form on the right providing a link to your work and your comments on it. What exactly do you want us to review? Any specific part of your work or a whole?

Whether you study or work, our instructors are CG industry professionals and always ready to help you and give an advice on what can be improved and how to do that.

Average duration of a video review is under 30 minutes. Depending on how complex and detailed your work is it may be longer or shorter. In any case the instructor will review your work thoroughly and provide his/ her comments.

Use this unique opportunity and get your work reviewed by CG professional.

Video review request

Examples of video reviews

Comments and recommendations on how to improve your work and answers to your questions.

Balance in movement

Video review example

Improving body mechanics animation by observing details in video references.

Improving Eyes and Brows

Video review example

Instructor Mike Safianoff provides student with detailed recommendations on how to improve eyes and brows.

Staging & Body Language

Video review example

Improving composition using strodger staging and body language.

Improving Facial Expression

Video review example

Another review by Mike Safianoff with detailed recommendations on how to improve facial expression.

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