Effective Educational System

Based on knowledge and experience of CG industry professionals including huge amount of practical training!

Learn from professionals

Having accumulated a huge amount of experience working in different studios on all kinds of projects, we have analyzed various approaches and created a system allowing us to teach effectively and make professional knowledge and experience available to broad audience.

Apart from educational content available throughout each CGT course you will be assisted by a mentor, who will answer your questions, review your work, advise on what can be improved, and how to develop certain qualities to become more effective and productive. Also there are scheduled weekly online meetings, when in real time you can talk with your mentor and the group, get a lot of additional information both on the course and CG industry related.

Online Educational System
Online Educational System

How does it work?

Every Monday students with valid subscriptions gain access to new educational materials, video lectures, accompanying files and assignments.

In the middle of each week, the mentor holds an online meeting, date and time of which is agreed on with a group to be convenient for everyone. Usually it is either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. During these meetings you can discuss questions arising out of the course with the group and the mentor, get additional information or just chit-chat about CG trends and news (these are free online meetings for CGT students as well as meetings with the school guests).

By the end of the week, students shall upload their assignment files onto the CGT server to be reviewed and commented on by the instructor of the course.

A lot of practice leads to perfect results!

Having completed all the assignments of the course and shown good results a student qualifies for a diploma. Otherwise, a student qualifies for a certificate of completion.

The educational system is closely connected to practical work, so after completion of the course a student not only gets a diploma, but also accumulates the experience (sometimes on real projects), and adds new works to his or her portfolio or demo reel.

Online Educational System

Advantages of studying in CGTarian online school

Study at any time

Online studies are available anywhere at any time, you do not need to go anywhere.

Instructors' assistance

Weekly online meetings with your instructor and video reviews of your work.

Meetings with professionals

Online meetings with professionals from Disney, Dreamworks, Blizzard and from other studios.

100% Risk-Free

14-day money back guarantee.
Try our courses - We are sure you will like it.

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