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About CGTarian

The CGTarian online school was founded by Lithuania-based CG artist and entrepreneur Vadim Besedin. A considerable amount of preparatory work was done and multiple researches were conducted before the launch of the school. The official inauguration of CGTarian was September 1st 2010, when it was launched online and made available to the Russian speaking community.

Vadim had the idea of an online school quite a long time ago. Somewhere in 2001, he dived into CG and from time to time would tutor friends and colleagues. He was not quite thinking of the actual online school back then but those were the first steps towards its emergence. As he was working in a MOCAP studio, he taught people how to use the equipment, how to work with the MOCAP data and apply the latter to a 3D character before animating and polishing it at a later stage. This was how Vadim began sharing his experience with those around him and subsequently developing his teaching skills. At the same time, he continued delving into various CG fields - modeling, rigging, compositing, photography, tracking and many others. Moreover, he studied from books, watched tutorial DVDs and took various online courses to add to his experience and knowledge. However, these were all different information sources and, at some point, the idea of a school as one source of relevant information became apparent and more and more appealing.

Online Educational System
Online Educational System

The Birth of CGTarian

Vadim has always been passionate about learning anything new, so he wanted to find a school or classes that would give him the opportunity to choose a subject, or a CG field, provide him with all the relevant information and answer all the questions that are an inevitable part of the learning process. To his joy, he did find schools and classes offering what he had been looking for; some more affordable, others rather expensive. He was drawn to some of the schools' syllabi, reviews and student work. The classes lasted from 3 to 18 months. It was then that Vadim realized that being tutored by CG industry professionals was the most efficient and rewarding way of learning! The advantages of these classes are the supervision of an instructor who answers all the students' questions (even those not relevant to the class), guides them, reviews their assignments and advises them on how to improve their performance. Generally, this kind of learning is more convenient and effective than independent learning, where students need to tediously collect information from various sources on their own.

Vadim persevered with his studies and pursued his teaching career on the side; he would record video lectures for some of his classes or would simply show his screen through Skype. He considers those to be his first online classes. He spoke to his friends whom he worked and studied with and together they decided that they were ready for their first classes. Opening a school requires a lot of work and effort but Vadim and his friends already had the experience, resources and work ethics required for success.

CGTarian Online school was born.

CGTarian The English Branch

In 2008, during his studies, Vadim met with Jalil Sadool who at the time was working at Weta Digital Ltd in New Zealand and teaching animation online at the same time. They both had that same passion for sharing everything they learn. After the opening of CGTarian Online School in 2010, for the two years that followed, Vadim would often invite Jalil to conduct online master classes. The pair had a lot of respect for each other and Jalil was especially amazed by Vadim's dedication to the success of his school.

In 2012, after a visit and an animation workshop in Lithuania, Jalil and Vadim decided to join strengths and build a branch of CGTarian Online School that would be accessible to English speaking community. Jalil invited his friends and colleagues from the industry to join the online school and build very unique curriculums. Each course was designed to intertwine and complement each other while keeping the uniqueness of each individual instructor's sense of appeal.

The CGTarian team would get together week after week and brainstorm the best ways to convey their message. The courses were constructed in a way that would favor each instructor's strengths and passion. They listened to the outcry of the animation community. They built an Online School that would bring the best out of students by showing them the good practices of animation through individuality.

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Online Educational System

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Online studies are available anywhere at any time, you do not need to go anywhere.

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Online meetings with professionals from Disney, Dreamworks, Blizzard and from other studios.

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