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Remote 3D and animation studies online in CGTarian

Example and Refunds

Let's say on August 1st you have paid for the Animation Bootcamp course that starts on September 1st.

We guarantee 100% refund within the first two weeks of the course, i.e. until September 14th (in this case it makes 45 days after the payment).

If you will choose an option of monthly payments, that's the only refund we issue.

If you will choose a one-time payment for the whole course, we also issue a refund for all months of studies that haven’t begun. Please see explanation on the right:


Let's say on August 1st you have paid the full price for Animation Bootcamp course that starts on September 1st (one payment of $750 USD). Then you can ask for 100% refund till September 14th.
After September 14th you can get a refund for the second and third months of studies $500 ($250 for October and $250 for November).
After October 1st you will be able to get a refund for the third month of studies - $250 (for November).
Later, when the third month of studies starts, there will be no options for a refund.

However we always provide you with the option to pause your studies and resume it when you are ready. This guarantees that you still get the course you paid for.

Advantages of studying in CGTarian online school

Study at any time

Online studies are available anywhere at any time, you do not need to go anywhere.

Instructors' assistance

Weekly online meetings with your instructor and video reviews of your work.

Meetings with professionals

Online meetings with professionals from Disney, Dreamworks, Blizzard and from other studios.

100% Risk-Free

14-day money back guarantee.
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