Intermediate Animation Courses

Bring your 3D characters to live, make them move in a beautiful and believable way. Show their emotions.

Intermediate Animation Online Courses

Characters in Motion Online Course Intermediate Animation Online Course

Characters in Motion

Every animation begins with a fundamental understanding of weight, balance, and timing which needs to be mastered before you can layer on a performance.

This course will teach you the essentials of movement as they relate to a character. It will be the foundation for every character you ever animate.  

Physics of Animation Online Course Intermediate Animation Online Course

Physics of Animation

Everything around us is affected by the laws of physics and everything that we animate, no matter the style, is also governed by these same rules set forth by nature.

During this course we will study and discuss the effects of internal and external forces and describe the application of energy transfer in animation.  

Intro to Performance Online Course Intermediate Animation Online Course

Intro to Performance

It can feel overwhelming when it comes to animating the human form and communicating anything specific about your character.

Performance refers to effectively communicating an idea to the audience about what a character is thinking or doing. And no matter how complex, anything is achievable if we understand a few basic concepts.  

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