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CGTarian Ray Maya Character Rig

You can get and use CGTarian’s character Ray by completing the form and agreeing to the conditions below:

  • CGTarian’s character "Ray" may be used for personal and educational purposes only! You may also use it in other schools and courses.
  • Any video containing CGTarian’s character "Ray" needs to clearly include the text; "Ray, courtesy of CGTarian Online School".
  • Any Commercial use of CGtarian’s character "Ray" is prohibited!
  • The use of CGTarian’s Character ‘Ray’ in any animation of racial, nationalistic, sexual, violent, offensive, derogatory or any other negative nature is prohibited!
  • You agree to receive emails from CGTarian Online School including updates of Ray, discount codes, advertising and news.

This is a beta version of CGTarian’s character "Ray". We will gladly accept any reports regarding its malfunction, but CGTarian Online School will not provide any personal support. Reported bugs and faults may be fixed in the following versions of the character. We will send all updates regarding improvements and fixes done to "Ray" through our mailing list. We will also provide a link to a new version of the character. To report any malfunction of the character please use the form here: www.cgtarian.com/character-ray/ray-bug-report-form.html

If archive fail to unpack, please use 7zip utility.

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Ray video tutorials

Ray Rig Introduction

CGTarian - Ray rig introduction by Mike Safianoff on Vimeo.

Lecture Clip - Naturalistic blink

Lecture Clip - Naturalistic blink by Mike Safianoff on Vimeo.

Lecture clip - Expressive Eyes

Lecture clip - Expressive Eyes by Mike Safianoff on Vimeo.

Eye Test with Ray

Eye Test with Ray by Mike Safianoff on Vimeo.

Lecture clip - Eye movements

Lecture clip - Eye movements by Mike Safianoff on Vimeo.

ViewPort 2.0 Demo

ViewPort 2.0 Demo by Mike Safianoff on Vimeo.

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